Why Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor and Out of Home Advertising consists of several different media forms that reach potential consumers away from their home.  Bulletins, Billboards, Posters, and Wall Advertising are considered traditional Out-of-Home mainstays and dominate the category. Other forms of outdoor advertising include: Transit, Bus and Train Advertising, Taxi Tops, Mobile Truck Advertising, Street Furniture, non traditional Marketing etc. Traditional expressway bulletins and outdoor signage offered by Image Media proves to be a valuable component to an agency media plan, end client, or local business owner.



Bulletin / Billboards and Wallscapes are a Great Way to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Build Brand Identity
  • Launch New Products
  • Create Consumer Interaction
  • Build General Awareness

Larger national clients typically utilize outdoor advertising in their marketing mix along with television, print, internet and radio. However, Billboards and Wallscapes also work great as stand-alone marketing efforts and as an alternative to print ads, internet banners or the like. Image Media has found Bulletins and Wallscapes are best utilized to promote a brand, website, and/or phone number for services or products. 



Outdoor Advertising has become an essential part of any advertising budget as our society has become increasingly mobile. Every day, the average person spends more time away from their home than inside their home. Additionally, consumers spend more than 18 hours per week in a vehicle. As a result, Outdoor Bulletin Advertising is a very powerful and effective medium for reaching and targeting a mass audience.  


Graph from OAAA Website




Standard size Static Expressway Bulletins are 20’x60’ and 14’x48’. A large printed vinyl is stretched over the face of the bulletin structure and illuminated by 6-8 halide lamps. Image Media uses “Outdoor Link” a state of the art maintenance system to ensure that the message is well lit and visible to motorists. Outdoor Link instantly notifies Image Media anytime a light bulb goes out so the problem can be fixed as quickly as possible.

















Image Media’s digital inventory consists of 20’x60’ and 14’x48’s. A digital file of the advertising message is uploaded to a secure internet site and instantly displayed on the digital face. This allows the advertiser to use multiple messages throughout the advertising campaign without incurring the costs associated with production 

For more information about Image Media DIGITAL please visit our lmageMediaDigital.com or call today!





Image Media is a full service advertising firm. When needed, we can assist in every aspect of production, from overseeing creation of a high quality design to the final printing process. Additionally, we can store your PVC vinyl at our warehouse facility free of charge until you wish to use it again. If advertising materials have dated copy or the vinyl will not be used again, Image Media recycles the vinyl to be used in construction, farming and by emergency responders. Have a look at our Client Gallery for creative inspiration. Further, below is a color chart showing desirable and effective combinations of text and background colors.




Image Media also provides advertisers with the options to use extensions to attract additional attention and create additional advertising space. Please inquire for extension information and current square footage pricing.    


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